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Ahlberg – Funnybones
Andrews – Rattlebone Rock
Brown – A Dark, Dark Tale
Bunting – Night of the Gargoyles
Bunting – The Bones of Fred McFee
Capucilli – Inside a House that is Haunted
Crebbin – Into the Castle
Galdone – Teeny Tiny Woman
Howe – Scared Silly
Johnston – The Ghost of Nicholas Greebe
Loredo – Boogie Bones
MacDonald – Whoo-oo is It?
Martin – Old Devil Wind
McBratney – The Dark at the top of the Stairs
San Souci – Legend of Sleepy Hollow
Shannon – Gulligle’s Troubles
Thomassie – Feliciana Meets d’Loup Garou

Williams – Little Old Lady Who was Not Afraid of Anything


Bruce – Bruce Covillle’s Book of Nightmares
Conrad – Stonewords
Deem – The Very Real Ghost Book of Christina Rose
Gorog – In a Creepy, Creepy Place and Other Scary Stories
Haunted – The Haunted House
Hayes – Swamp of the Hideous Zombies
Jennnings – Unreal! Eight Surprising Stories
Joosse – Ghost Trap: A Wild Willie Mystery
Leach – Whistle in the Graveyard: Folktales to Chill Your Bones
McKissack - The Dark ThirtyMahy – The Horribly Haunted School
Regan – Monsters in the Attic
Yolen – Here There Be Witches


Schwartz – Ghosts!: Ghostly Tales from Folklore
Standiford – Headless Horseman

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