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Print Your Bingo Board Now!

What is This? 
This year, for the Adult Winter Reading Club, we will be doing Library Bingo.

Sounds Fun, How Do I Get Started? 
Simply print out a bingo sheet from this webpage, Facebook or pick one up at the drive thru window 

How do I Play? 

  1. Read, use library resources, and participate in activities to fill in relevant squares. 
  2. The goal is to get five squares in a row (vertical, horizontal, or diagonal) 
  3. If want to play more, don’t worry. Each card can win up to five times. Just keep filling in squares 
  4. Return the sheet to the library or take a picture of your completed sheet and email it to the library or share it to the Facebook group by March 31st

Facebook Group? 
Yes, a Facebook group. Join the AWRB Facebook group to see book recommendations, learn about library programs, and interact with other readers. 

Don’t have Facebook?  
That’s ok, sign up at our website to receive emails with AWRC news.

Can my Children Participate?  
Sorry, this program is just for adults. 

Do They Need to be Library Books? 
Obviously, we’d love for you to check out books from the library, but this is about celebrating reading, so all books count.

Do I have to Read Print Books? 
Nope, we support all forms of reading: eBooks, books on CD, and downloadable audiobooks. 

What If I Read a Book That Applies to Multiple Squares? 
You can use a book for one square only.  

Can I Complete More Than One Bingo? 
Yes, if you finish one Bingo, go for another! The more you complete the more entries you get. 

What Can You Win? 
Completing a Bingo will give you an entry for a chance to win a gift card to local businesses. 

When Will Winners Be Announced 
Winners will be announced on the first day of spring (Saturday, March 20th).

Fine Print 
You are on your honor to read the books before adding them to your Winter Reading Challenge bingo card. Cheating, skimming, or just reading reviews online will invoke bad winter karma which may include sniffles, lack of marshmallows in your hot chocolate, or one mitten.