2018 Capital Campaign News

The ALLENTOWN PUBLIC LIBRARY has launched its public phase of the capital campaign “Improving the Climate for Learning”.  The Allentown Public Library, established in 1912 and rebuilt in 1977, will raise $2.3 million to replace the present unreliable, outdated and inefficient Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) system. Currently operating at 40% efficiency, the library expects to divert significant savings with its new system to be invested in expanded learning opportunities for Allentown area students.

If you would like to support this capital campaign, please send cash or check to:

Allentown Public Library
1210 Hamilton St.
Allentown, PA 18102




The Trexler Trust
City Center
Alvin H. Butz Foundation
The Century Fund
Al and Jill Douglass
The Keystone Grant
Gloria Marsh
Donald Bernhardt
Thomas Donley
Bob and Sandy Lovett
Charlie Marcon
Eric Butz
Don Bernhard
Tom Donley
Alice Romberger





Eric Butz
Principal & Architect, Roberson Butz Architects


Thomas (Tom) E. and Cindy Donley (bio) (bio)
Donley Foundation Trustee


Don Bernhard
Executive Director, Downtown Allentown Community Development Initiative

Ellen B. Bishop, M.D.
President, Allentown Public Library Board

Dr. Ethel Drayton-Craig
Member, Allentown Public Library Board

Renee Haines
Director, Allentown Public Library

Charlie Marcon
Owner, Duggan and Marcon

Diane Pierce-Williams
Board Member, Allentown Public Library Foundation

Susan Williams
Executive Director, Allentown School District Foundation

Kurt Zwikl
Chair, Allentown School District Foundation