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POWER Library : 
a Guide to Effective Use    

Direct links on this page will only work in the library.

Power Library offers an incredible array of Internet databases to Pennsylvania Public Library cardholders.  This guide will help you find your way to effective use of its resources.

How to Get There
Walk into any Pennsylvania Public Library and you will find the icon on the library's web page.  Click on the icon and you are in!

From home follow these steps:

  • Go to your own public library's website.  If you live in Allentown or Salisbury township and belong to the Allentown Public Library, the website address is, of course,  www.allentownpl.org.
  • Click on the icon on any page. You will be asked for your patron barcode.  This is the 14-digit number on the back of your library card.  Type in this number, hit Enter, and you are in.

Power Library Selected Resources

Magazine Index
In General Resources, EBSCOhost is a general magazine index with  full-text articles from many magazines and journals, so even if the library does not own a particular magazine, you will still have access to the entire article you need.  Click on EBSCOhost, then click on EBSCOhost Web.  You may then choose a specific database, or just search the Master File which looks in all the databases at one time. Click continue. In the box labeled "Find" type the subject for which you are searching.


Find a Good Book with NoveList
Under the heading Find a Book, click on NoveList. The Quick Search button on the left lets you search for authors, titles, series, and key words.  Type in an author and you will get a list of books written by that person. Type in a keyword, for example, Arizona, and you will get a list of books that take place in Arizona.  Type in a series and you will get a list of all books in the series in order. Each list offers a short annotation of the titles.

Looking for books similar to one you just read?  Or trying to find another author who writes like an old favorite?  Click on the tab on the top of the screen that says For Readers.  Click on Author Read-Alikes.  Click on the part of the Author Index closest to the last name of your favorite author or one whose latest book you really enjoyed.  Scroll down the list until you find the name and click on it.  You will be presented with a discussion of books written in a similar style or on a similar topic. Please note that the library may or may not have all of the titles listed in NoveList.


Find the Full-text of a Speech, Poem, Story in LitFinder
Under the heading Literature, click on LitFinder.  In order to retrieve the full-text of a work, click on the genre (e.g. poems, stories, speeches, etc,).  In the basic search box, type in keywords from the work or from the title. Choose the correct title from the resulting list.  The full-text of the work will be displayed or a book citation will be displayed if the work is not available online.