Artificial Intelligence

We hear much about the term “AI,” or Artificial Intelligence.

As humans, we’re accustomed to being at the top of the proverbial food chain. In short, we fear losing our autonomy and indeed our humanity as artificial intelligence becomes more a part of our every day life.

Vicar Sayeedi, computer scientist, author and lecturer will present a Zoom program covering these topics and questions.

  • Artificial Intelligence defined for the novice.
  • What areas of society could be affected by the use of Artificial Intelligence?
  • What are the chief ethical concerns?
  • What are the implications for those societies that possess Artificial Intelligence capabilities?
  • How might that impact those which do not?
  • Could AI merge with humans to become a new species?

Mr. Sayeedi will be available during the last 15 minutes of the program to answer your questions.