The Creation Station

The Creation Station is located in the library’s mezzanine

The Creation Station is designed for audio, video and photo editing as well as website design and software programming. For a list of the hardware and software available on the Creation Station, click here .

Using the Creation Station

  1. A person may use the Creation Station if:
    • They are working on a specific project that requires an Adobe program.
    • They wish to learn how to use an Adobe program and is working through tutorials.
  2. You must have a valid library or computer use card to use the Creation Station. Learn how to get a library card here.
  3. The Creation Station is available on a first come first serve basis. Sessions are 2 hours in length.
  4. You are only guaranteed your session length. Make sure:
    • All work is saved by the end of your session or risk losing your work.
    • All projects will be deleted from the computer periodically. Make sure your work is saved on a storage device or cloud based storage such as Google Drive or Dropbox.
  5. If there is no one waiting for the Creation Station at the end of your session, you may ask for extended time. If a new request is made, you will be given 15 minutes to save work.
  6. The librarians are not experts on the available software. If you have questions visit the tutorials found Here or search on YouTube.