Library Collection Agency

The Allentown Public Library uses Unique Management Services, a collection agency, to retrieve overdue materials and to collect charges that exceed $24.99. When accounts are turned over to the collection agency, a $10.00 non-refundable fee is added.

Who will be sent to collection:

• Patrons whose materials have not been returned within 2 weeks of receiving their third notice. Notices are  sent when books are 14 days overdue, 28 days overdue, and 42 days overdue. (For DVDs, notices will be sent when they are 7 days overdue, 28 days overdue and 42 days overdue.)

• Patrons who owe $25.00 or more in fines and fees. They will receive a bill and be given two weeks to pay   before their names are sent to the collection agency.


• More library materials are returned, saving what it would cost to replace them
• More fines are paid, giving the library money for more new materials and services
• Staff time is put to use in more positive ways, providing better library service to our patrons