Overdue Fines and Notices

Item TypeCharges per DayMaximum FineOverdue Notices*
Books (hardcover and paperback), DVDs, music CDs, Audiobook CDs, magazines, games, toys, kits, and interlibrary loans$0.20$10.00First notice – 14 days
Final notice – 28 days
Bill (considered lost) – 42 days overdue
Mobile Hotspot$2.00$50.00First notice – 7 days
Final notice – 28 days
Bill (considered lost) – 42 days overdue
Museum Passes$10.00$100.00

Maximum fine threshold per card is $10.00. Once that amount is reached, privileges are withdrawn.

You may choose whether to have overdue notices mailed to you via the U.S. Postal Service or emailed to you directly from our automated system. They will be mailed USPS unless you sign up to Get Your Library Notices by Email. If you choose to get email notices, you will not receive any notices by regular mail.

The advantage of email notification is that you will receive courtesy notices BEFORE an item is due.

You are responsible for keeping your email address up-to-date to avoid missing notifications; failure to receive overdue notices sent by the Library does not exempt the cardholder from returning items on time. We are not responsible in the case of miss notices due to spam filters.

If you lose or damage library materials, you are charged the item price plus a $5.00 processing fee.

It is the Library’s decision whether or not to accept a replacement copy of a lost or damaged item. Items lost and owned by Bethlehem or Easton must be paid in cash or by check.

You may pay your fines:
•  With cash or check at all locations.
•  Through the mail by check.
•  In person at the Library using credit (Visa, MasterCard, Discover) or debit card.
•  By phoning 610-820-2400 x5 during posted library business hours to pay by credit

When charges on any account reaches $25.00 we use the services of a Library Collections Agency.